What is value?

The value of a product goes far beyond its price. Obviously, price is a factor, but so is performance. The combination of price and performance is a major component of a product or service’s value. But what about expertise, lead referral and customer support? We at Prime Resins believe that all those elements are critical in establishing the superior value of our solutions for infrastructure repair and protection. Sure we sell chemicals. But more importantly, we provide solutions to problems. Sometimes we create those solutions. Here’s one example.

A major industrial manufacturing complex in North Charleston, S.C., had massive groundwater infiltration into a 12-feet-deep utility trench. Investigation showed that expansion joints were the point of entry due to the failure of the specified joint seal system. The engineer consulted with Prime Resins technical staff on the best approach. The tricky part was the combination of high hydrostatic pressure and significant joint movement from vibration, thermal movement and seismic activity. Any joint seal needed a good combination of bond strength and elongation. Our technical staff devised a procedure to inject flexible polyurethane foam around backer rod to create the ideal finished shape to allow for the most elongation. Read on…

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