The Cost of Doing Nothing

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Leaks in Sanitary Sewer Manholes.

Next to treatment cost, chemical grouting to seal manhole infiltration is a BARGAIN! Do you know how much it costs to treat one gallon of water in your waste water treatment plant? If so, then you realize the importance of minimizing the amount of water that enters your system through defects in manholes and pipe joints. If not, then here are facts that prove doing nothing may be wasting thousands of dollars.

Infiltration Facts

Fact one: One manhole leak at 5 gallons per minute will produce 2,628,000 gallons of water into your system annually. At an average cost of treatment .0035 cents per gallon, that’s $9,198 per year.

Fact Two: If your system has 500 manholes, and we assume 5% of your system manholes have leaks of this caliber, then 25 repaired manholes equals $229,950 in annual savings in the first year.

Fact Three: The low average cost to repair 25 manholes by chemical grout injection with Prime Flex products is $25,000 and the high average cost would be around $50,000. That means that in as little as 40 to 80 days you will see a return on your investment.

Fact Four: We will train your in-house personnel or your preferred infrastructure contractor to make these repairs. We alsoChemical grouting to seal manhole infiltration saves utilities millions of dollars have a network of qualified trained contractors available nationwide to make these repairs. Finally, we offer on-site technical consulting.

Fact Five: Depending on access and logistics of the manholes, a qualified three-man crew can complete three to six manholes in a day. That means savings begin day one.

Fact six: Eliminating the water in your system will free up valuable capacity in your treatment plant. This could postpone the need for plant expansions or new plants for years, saving millions.

Fact seven: The reduction of infiltration reduces the risk of overflows and illegal discharges, which can mean heavy fines and years of EPA scrutiny.

Fact Eight: Infiltration through defects in the manhole wall expedites the deterioration of the structure. This can allow voids to form outside the wall of the manhole, which leads to sinkholes and settled paving surfaces.

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