The mother of invention

Homemade flush wand fashioned from a water bottle, a static mixer and epoxy.Caption this! You’ve heard us preach the gospel of flushing your drill holes. And we tell you of the need to have water on hand to activate hydrophobic resin if the injection site is not wet. We sell pumps for that. Good ones, made by our friends at Titan. But sometimes necessity (or frugality) is the mother of invention. One of our customers rigged this device for flushing drill holes, and it works just fine. (That is epoxy, not chewing gum, attaching the mixer to the bottle top.)

For the record, we do not recommend this for flushing hairline cracks, but drill holes should be fine. Kudos to the creative grout technician for his homemade flush wand invention.

Let’s help him come up with a name for this contraption. A Prime Resins T-shirt to the person who comes up with the winning name (please keep it clean). Email us your suggestions. Go!

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