Seawall repair options

Winter weather can take its toll on seawalls and bulkheads. Each wave or tidal cycle washes away more soil, creating larger voids behind the wall. Maybe a depression or even a sinkhole grows behind the wall. If you are the owner or the contractor hired to fix it, you’ve got options. There’s replacement, which is expensive and disruptive though sometimes necessary. Perhaps new sheetpile is an option, but what do you do about the existing voids behind the wall?

Chemical grouting with Prime Flex 920 polyurethane foam is another option that will fill voids and seal cracks or failing joints. Installation using a probe means no disruptive excavation. This material is certified to meet NSF Standard 61 for contact with potable water, so this is an eco-friendly solution as well. Learn more about Seawall Repair With Prime Flex 920.

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