Field Notes: Culvert Repairs After Hurricane Matthew

Record flooding hit North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. The state is faced with the worst flooding since Hurricane Floyd in 1999. In some parts of the state, water levels continued to rise in the days following the storm as flood waters receded elsewhere, draining to other parts of the watershed. That’s the case in Lumberton, N.C.

All that water is causing significant damage, including to transportation infrastructure. A series of 12’ x 12’ box culverts under I-95 about six miles north of Lumberton are experiencing severe flood-related erosion.

Applied Polymerics is on the job for N.C. DOT, pumping Prime Flex 985 LX20 Fast under the culverts to fill voids estimated between 100-200 cubic yards. The work is complicated by water levels as high as 4 feet. The crew is using sections of corrugated pipe to create a cofferdam inside of which the grout technician can work without standing in hip-deep water. Stay tuned for a more detailed case study.

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