Dam and Lock Repair

Polyurethanes and epoxies from Prime Resins have been used for leak sealing and structural repair of locks and dams for nearly 40 years. These repairs include dam structures, power stations, pumping stations and lock chambers. Age and nature take their toll on structures that are often more than 50 years old. Newly poured concrete is susceptible to leaking as well due to shrinkage during curing. In fact, more than 1000 gallons of Prime Flex products were injected into concrete of the newly opened expansion of the Panama Canal.

Joints between concrete panels are often the culprit. That was the case for some of the many leaks that plagued the McNary Lock and Dam that spans the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington. Read the case study here.

leaks flow through the lock wall of McNary Lock and Dam adjacent to the fish ladder

Leak in joints of the lock wall adjacent the fish ladder

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