Field Notes: Lifting floors of a single-story home

Our technical services staff is back from on-site training for a customer in Nevada. The project is a ranch-style single-story home that serves as a seniors’ residence. The whole building has settled, as much as 4 inches in some places. The crew used helical piers around the foundation but needed to lift the interior floors to match.

It is a big, challenging project, so good for training. The residents are still there, so minimal disruption to normal operations was essential. The floor is 4-inch slabs with carpet glued right onto the slab. They are using our Revolution compact slab lifting system, which fits through a standard doorway and works on standard 110-volt outlets. This means no noisy generator.

There are extensive voids underneath the entire length of the house, both pre-existing voids that caused the settlement and gaps created by the pier lifting. A ridge had formed from the floors sinking on either side of a slab crack. A pattern of holes 3-feet by 3-feet on center was drilled across the dining room floor at the lowest point. They started with holes near the wall injected first to create a wall of cured foam to prevent excess foam from escaping the structure without void filling or lifting.

The lifting must be done very slowly so that walls and floors are not cracked throughout the house. There is probably a month of work to completely fill the voids and lift the floor back to level. Stay tuned for a full case study.

Photo showing gap beneath a wall prior to lifting a concrete floor with Precision LiftPhoto shows that after lifting the concrete floor, the gap beneath the wall has been closed

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