Video: Eye level view of slab lifting

Lots of people know about mudjacking to level concrete, but doing concrete leveling with polyurethane foam is still a new concept to many. They are skeptical. They can’t wrap their heads around how a polyurethane foam, stuff that looks like spray insulation, can be strong enough to support a driveway. Not only can it support a driveway, but it can support a road, bridge deck, railroad slab or airport runway if it’s the right density. Plus it is impervious to water and doesn’t add hundreds or thousands of pounds onto an already settled substrate. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

We recently shot a new video to show how cool slab lifting looks at eye level and in 35 seconds instead of the 35 minutes it took. A fairly recently poured slab going into the entrance of a trucking company maintenance facility had settled almost 2 inches. Given the traffic of semi tractors coming and going 24/7, it was important to level the slab so the curb and slab edges didn’t break off. During the project, a staffer of the trucking company stopped by three times—before, during and after the job. To say he was skeptical is an understatement. The slab was lifted back to level in 35 minutes injecting Precision Lift foam through one drill hole. The slab was about 4 inches thick and reinforced with rebar.

“That is amazing,” said the skeptical staffer after seeing the job. “I didn’t think it would work. I thought the slab would break first.” He was also amazed at how hard the cured foam is when he saw the rock hard ball created during the test shot. The cured foam will easily withstand the truck traffic for years to come.

Polyurethane slab lifting foam cures to a rock hard consistency with great compressive strength

Precision Lift slab lifting foam cures into a rock hard mass that is strong and is impervious to water.

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