Lifting foam complements piers

Using Lifting Foam With Piers

Polyurethane structural lifting foams can be the perfect complement to helical or push piers for foundation or structural raising and stabilization. The foams can be strong enough to do the lifting themselves in many cases, but if piers are required for structural reinforcement, polyurethane foam is the perfect choice to fill the voids created by lifting the structure. The foam will help stabilize the soil and will fill the voids without the huge weight of a cementitious fill, which can aggravate the reason the structure settled in the first place. In addition, the cured foam will not shrink and is impervious to water, so ideal for situations where the substrate below the structure is wet.

Our Precision Lift 4.75# was used in just such a scenario in Berkeley, California, to fill voids underneath an entire wing of the DoubleTree Hotel that had sunk as much as 21 inches in some places. The wing of the hotel was no longer usable because the tilt to the rooms was so noticeable, even with shimming of the furniture. A network of more than 250 push piers were used to lift the structure back to level. Read the case study here.

polyurethane lifting foam complements push piers, filling voids created when the structure is lifted.

A network of 250+ push piers were installed to stabilize and lift the structure.

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