Undersealing an LNG pit in Texas…at 124 degrees

When the Sabine Pass (Texas) liquid natural gas facility was built, the concrete contractor needed to stop leaks in an emergency maintenance pit so a special overlay material could be installed on the floor. The concrete floor is 4 feet thick and sits on top of a 6-foot mud mat. The facility sits adjacent to a shipping channel, so the groundwater is high. Water was getting between the mud mat and the structural slab, creating uplift and cracking off the slab, so the slabs needed to be undersealed. The hydrostatic pressure was so great, that when holes were drilled for grout injection, water shot up six inches. And if that wasn’t fun enough, the temperature in the bottom of the pit was 124°F. Some horizontal joints of wall to floor were leaking as well. Two different polyurethanes and an epoxy were used. Read the full case study here.

temperatures in the LNG pit were 124 degrees F as workers injected polyurethanes to seal leaks and underseal concrete slabs

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