Cross-sell services to boost revenue

Watching for opportunities to offer additional services to your customers can translate into significant new business.

Take the example of Richard Ross, owner of Manicured Concrete Solutions in Edmonton, Alberta. He is a concrete contractor who was asked to bid on a driveway sealing project for a spacious riverside home in Edmonton. He gave an estimate, but also noticed the damaged decorative concrete running down both edges of the driveway and offered to repair that as well since decorative concrete is one of his services. A section of the driveway had settled, so Ross let the homeowner know he could lift that with polyurethane foam. This in turn resulted in the homeowner asking Ross to repair his lower level floor, a concrete floor with a radiant-heating system embedded in it that had settled on one end. Because Manicured Concrete Solutions was able to offer valuable additional services, a simple driveway sealing project turned into a significant multi-day project worth many times more than the original job. (See case study.)

Opportunities to cross-sell services to boost revenue

Maybe you do sprayfoam insulation and notice that a homeowner’s driveway needs lifting. If so, you have the equipment you need to do slab lifting with polyurethane foam; all you need is an injection gun and a drum set of lifting resin on your truck or trailer. (The insulation foam won’t have the structural integrity needed; a different product is required.)

Perhaps you do residential waterproofing. Here again, with minimal investment, you can equip yourself to offer slab lifting services if you see that the homeowner has concrete steps or  sidewalk, driveway, patio or pool deck panels that need leveling. (See our Revolution compact slab lifting system.)

Or maybe you are a mudjacker and have been walking away from smaller jobs because they aren’t worth mobilizing a crew and equipment. Lifting with foam can be done by one person with a truck and trailer or box truck in a fraction of the time and cleanup of mudjacking. Multiple smaller jobs can be done in a day, yielding significant added revenue.

These are just a few examples. Time and again we hear stories from our customers who are asked to bid on one job and end up providing valuable additional services. So if you are looking to increase your sales, look for chances to cross-sell services to boost revenue.

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