What you need when you need it

Our technical support and customer service are what set us apart. Yes, our chemicals and equipment are outstanding. But we hear again and again from our customers that they use Prime Resins because it works and because of the support they receive. A big part of that is getting orders out quickly. Many orders go out the same day they are received. It takes a big team to ensure that our products can be shipped around the world when and where they are needed. That spans from sales and administration to production, quality control, product development and shipping.

The last stop out the door is shipping. Many of our customers talk to or email the man who oversees our warehouseGetting you what you need when you need it is critical. John makes sure that happens.operations, including shipping. Meet John. He’s one part of a large team who ensures that you get what you need when you need it. Now you’ve got the face that goes with the voice.


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