How do you seal a leaking dam?

It’s no surprise that a hydro electric dam in New York state that is more than 100 years old might have a few leaks that need sealing. That was definitely the case with the Curtis Palmer Dam in Corinth, N.Y., which had both gushing and weeping leaks. Some of the leaks were so bad that the walkway inside the dam used to cross the span had become unusable. What made this job such a challenge though, was the tough conditions: it was January 2014 and the water temperature was 19°F. Read how DeBrino Caulking Associates could successfully seal a leaking dam with Prime Flex 920.

Polyurethane foam is used to seal a leaking a dam; here it seeps from injection holes amid gushing leaks in Curtis Palmer Dam.

Prime Flex 920 begins to react to seal gushing leaks in the Curtis Palmer Dam.

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