Reflections on chemical grout training

Prime Resins has offered training at our Atlanta area headquarters a few times a year for 20 years. We’ve just completed another sold out course, the Prime Resins Chemical Grouting Institute, so our instructors—members of our technical sales and service staff—reflected on this course and trends over time. Here are a few of their observations.

  • There is a lot of chemical grouting work available and on the horizon.

“We are seeing contractors with a backlog of work for the first time in a while. Their investment in training will pay off and give them an edge in the market,” says Michael Vargo, senior technical consultant and instructor. “Their hands-on training is the difference between being able to do chemical grouting and doing it well, so they can exceed their customers’ expectations and make more money for their company.”

  • There is growing interest in slab lifting and stabilization with polyurethane foams.

We are seeing a lot of interest in this area, including among those who do other grouting work such as foundation repair and waterproofing. They see the potential for slab lifting as a lucrative add-on service to their current repertoire. We also see increasing awareness among contractors for the need for quality products, equipment and technical support. A cheaper product may prove to be far more expensive in the long run with wastage, equipment repairs, downtime for broken equipment, and call backs.

  • The increasing level of engagement, both during classroom discussions and participation during the hands-on training sessions.

Years ago there was always a segment of a class that was there just to get a certificate. Perhaps due to more limited professional development and training dollars, we don’t see that anymore. No one is just getting by: every person is there to really learn and advance his/her skills. We are also seeing a lot more owners or senior decision makers attending our training courses, which significantly raises the level of discussion and nature of questions.

  • The great distances participants will travel for high quality training. We regularly get attendees from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada. In this last institute we had attendees from Australia, Canada, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho.

Some favorite moments:

“Seeing their reaction to the demo on stopping gushing leaks. Their jaws just drop.” Donnie Brown, technical consultant and instructor.

“I love seeing the moment of epiphany when they realize what something they’ve just learned means for them and the possibilities for their business. You can just see the wheels start turning.” David Dingler, technical services and product development manager, instructor.

Interested in training from Prime Resins?

The next Prime Resins Chemical Grouting Institute will be in spring 2016. In the meantime, on-site training is available from our technical services staff. In addition, purchase of a Revolution compact slab lifting system or an outfitted trailer rig includes a day of on-site training within the continental U.S.

We also offer Prime Practices, our time tested procedures for many chemical grouting techniques, available online, and videos on our YouTube channel. Finally, you might consider subscribing to our periodic enewsletter for case studies, product information and industry news.

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  1. Josh Mrzena says:

    I’m interested in classes on grouting

    • Deb Hammacher says:

      Hi Josh,
      I’ve emailed you directly. Our next Chemical Grouting Institute is April 18-19, 2016.
      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Deb Hammacher says:

    Hi Mike,
    I believe you’ve spoken to Jay, and if you need anything else, let us know.
    Thanks for your interest.

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