Learn chemical grouting hands-on

Our next Training Course, Oct. 20-21, 2015: the Prime Resins Chemical Grouting Institute is SOLD OUT. To get on the waiting list, email kanthony@primeresins.com.

Learn how to use chemical grouts for sealing leaks in concrete, stabilizing soil, filling voids, and lifting concrete slabs. Hands-on and classroom learning will teach you about the products, equipment and methods for using chemical grouts in infrastructure repair. Learn hands-on how to seal leaks and lift slabs. This is ideal for those who specify or perform chemical grout jobs. For more information or to register, go here.

A man injects polyurethane resin through holes drilled through concrete in order to lift the slab with foam.

Learning slab lifting with foam, hands-on.

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  1. Mike Longo says:

    I will be on vacation during your next training class and will not be able to attend. Is the next one scheduled?

  2. interested in next training opportunity

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