Field Notes: The Netherlands & Germany

Constant R&D and innovation is at the heart of Prime Resins, which keeps things fast-paced and interesting for our product development team. Last month it was Brazil, this month it is the Netherlands and Germany for our intrepid David Dingler. His first stop was in the Netherlands to oversee the mixing of our new polyurethane lifting foam at our toll blending facility there.Germantotes

With totes successfully produced, David headed to Germany for demos and tests of the new foam. First was an in-house test of a 2.5 times expansion foam. The demo was done on a 4’ x 4’ slab about 14-16” thick. Its placement simulated sitting atop a water-filled void. The samples are now being tested as R&D continues on our end.

Next came its first real world use on two concrete road panels. Our foam lifted the slabs about two times fasterBremen than the client’s current method. Needless to say they loved that aspect since it will allow them to dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete a project. The core samples are now being tested.

Stay tuned for more developments.

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