Don’t forget to flush (drill holes)

By Michael Vargo, senior technical sales consultant

One of the best parts of my job is going into the field to observe or advise on the use of our chemical grouts for concrete crack injection leak sealing. It’s rewarding to see our products provide solutions and I’m always learning more myself.

One thing I’ve noticed with concrete injection, however, is that often the critical step of flushing the drill hole is overlooked. I cannot overstate the importance of flushing a drill hole immediately after drilling and again after the port or packer is installed.

Just hosing it out isn’t going to do the job either. It is important to use a flush wand to get to the back of the hole to help lift the debris out not just swirl it around. This is particularly important with deep holes and hairline cracks: it doesn’t take much concrete dust or debris to plug the grout path—making it harder for the resin to get into the crack—or prevent the packer from fitting tightly in the hole.

I understand that in the rush to seal a leak or to attack a lot of leaks, it’s easy to get in a hurry. Even the most experienced chemical grout technicians can make the mistake of not fully flushing cracks or drill holes. But trust me: properly flushing will result in better performance and a permanent seal the first time.

If you want to read more about flushing holes and installing high pressure ports, go to our Prime Practice (how to) on the topic.

A flush wand inserted into a hole drilled in concrete.

A flush wand is used to properly flush a drill hole.

A bang-in port in concrete is flushed with water.

A port should be flushed with water prior to injection unless water is streaming from it already.

A technician pumps polyurethane grout into a port in concrete to seal a gushing leak.

Sealing a gushing leak with polyurethane resin injection

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