Epoxy grout injection keeps hydrofoil floating

Caterpillar uses an air-powered hydrofoil to move their massive diesel engines on a cushion of air. For this to work, steel plates are attached to the production facility floor. Years of wear and tear resulted in the cement grout under those plates failing. In some places “it was like crushed potato chips,” according to Randall Brooks, GM of contractor T. Luckey Sons Inc., who was tapped to find a solution.

What to do? The downtime required to remove and re-cement the plates eliminated that option. Brooks suggested injecting thin epoxy grout under low pressure into holes drilled through the plates. A successful pilot and observation period resulted in the green light to proceed with that method using our Prime Rez 1000 and Prime 1200. Read more about this creative solution with hard costs less than 5% of replacement.


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