Sealing massive gushing leaks

In the words of customer Owen Suchar of Martech, “Sometimes a complex problem can have a simple solution.”

Owen was referring to a job done by Ken Kane and Precision Chemical Grout for a municipality in Alabama. Due to gushing leaks from faulty connections in sliplined reinforced concrete pipes, the city was dealing with infiltration to the tune of 3.5 million gallons a day. Yes, a day. That is enough water to fill five 50-meter swimming pools. Every day. For years. While not without its challenges—when we say gushing, we mean gushing—Ken’s use of Prime Flex 920 was much simpler than replacement.

We’re happy to share Ken’s successful project with you here. We know that many of our customers are growing their business with municipalities, and hopefully case studies like this help you successfully make the case for chemical grouting vs. replacement.

We’re here to help find solutions for our customers and yours. Please call us if we can help.

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