Winning Entry for ASCE’s Concrete Canoe Competition includes Precision Lift from Prime Resins

It was in January at World of Concrete 2011 when Prime Resins was approached by 7 college students from southern California with a material challenge.  We love to solve problems—even if it’s not our product.

The engineering students from California PolyTech State University–San Luis Obispo were looking for very specialized material to fill the bulkhead of their concrete canoe.  It had to be light-weight, provide structural support, be expandable (but not too much), could not shrink, and be impervious to water.  Their greatest concern was controlled expansion.  If it was too fast and too powerful, it could destroy the integrity of the mold.

Michael Vargo, Technical Consultant for Prime Resins took the project on and recommend Precision Lift, a 2-component, 3.5 pound foam used primarily to lift concrete slabs that had sunken due to failed sub-soils.  Vargo’s advice was good, “By injecting the foam in small spurts, the expansion can be controlled in precisely the same way that slab lifting can be controlled within 1/10th of an inch.”

<img alt=”Winning-Entry-for-ASCE-Concrete-Canoe-Competition-includes-Precision-Lift-from-Prime-Resins3″ src=”” width=”250″ height=”188″ />

28 colleges and universities competed for the 24<sup>th</sup>annual event from <a href=”” target=”_blank”>ASCE</a>.  Our team did everything just right as they were awarded Top Honors with a trophy and $5,000 scholarship.  Prime Resins did something just right with a good-will donation of Precision Lift product including shipping expense, and time/talent of Mr. Vargo.

Education is wholly consistent with our business mission and we’re getting really good at it.  We teach engineers how to specify our product, contractors how to inject it, and distribution partners which formulations solve what problems.  Over 40 unique products from Prime Resins will stop leaks, stabilize soils and strengthen and protect concrete.  So there’s lots of teaching going on everyday.  It’s how we serve versus how we sell.

For the up &amp; coming engineers in southern California, we expect nothing in return.  There is a certain satisfaction of being associated with winners—for 2 consecutive years by the way.  Congratulations, team.  Here’s a link to <a href=”,-Activities,-and-Awards/Concrete-Canoe/2011-ASCE-National-Concrete-Canoe-Competition/” target=”_blank”>ASCE’s event write-up</a>.

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