Spring Training 2011

The new year is here and contractors are gearing up for the upcoming Spring construction season.  I speak with contractors daily and I’m hearing a common theme.  Contractors struggling to set themselves apart from the crowd in order to create new opportunities.

The past four years have brutal to the economy, the housing market is nearly non-existent and the commercial and industrial markets have become more competitive than ever.  I attended W.O.C. 2011 and the theme continued that many of the contractors were looking for something that would allow them to expand the scope of their business in order to create a new revenue stream.

Historically, polyurethane resins were used by specialty contractors that focused on very specific markets.  But I’m beginning to see more and more contractors willing and wanting to learn something new.  General contractors have been more willing to train their own people and perform the work in house.  Surprisingly, I recently spoke to a spray foam insulation contractor of 15 years that had no idea that there were hydrophilic and hydrophobic water activated urethane foams that can be utilized for leak remediation and crack injection, amongst a myriad of other potential applications.

The point here is that we’re thinking about that contractor and working hard to convey that there is indeed new opportunity.  Our Precision Lift program, for example, has generated huge interest as there is excellent potential in both the residential and commercial markets.  To support that interest, our slab lifting and soil stabilization training class is coming up in March.  The class is filling up fast.

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  1. David Norr says:

    Do you have a spring training for2015?

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