Save Time & Money by Flushing Resin Pumps After Use

The other day a contractor who had just purchased a pallet of material and pump from our distributor in NJ called me with a technique issue.  He got his answer, but then I asked him a simple question, “How do you intend to flush out the pump afterwards?”  There was dead silence on the phone. Grouts and epoxies can clog up something fierce if they aren’t cleaned out after a job.  This is fine if you want to spend lots of time rebuilding your pump, and lots of money replacing it way before its natural lifecycle is over.  But here’s an easier solution:
1. Immediately after use, purge the remaining material out of the pump.
2. Flush with pump cleaner to start clearing out residue.
3. Flush with pump cleaner one more time to make 100% sure.
Since it’s a little more complicated than that, I directed his attention to this Flushing a Single Component Pump – Prime Practice Document, and this Flushing a Single Component Pump – Video Tutorial.  I recommended he read the Prime Practice document (then print or download it for job-site reference) and watch the brief video.  A short time investment of just a few minutes saved him hours of grief.

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