No Dig Infrastructure Repair and Preventative Manhole Maintenance

A midwest municipality, experienced in the art of chemical grouting, has recently decided to take it to the next level.

The Problem:  Poorly installed, cast concrete manholes.  Poor, due to the fact manhole rings were installed without any form of joint seal or infiltration protection for the chimney, yielding some pretty nasty I & I issues.

Solution 1:  “Let’s dig them up” and then wrap.  Does it work?  Yes.  Is it expensive?  Yes.  Will it consume a lot of my crew’s time?  Yes.  True, the first yes is the one most are looking for, but the latter two can begin to cause a bit of concern.

The Better Solution:  Through webinar education, this municipality was able to learn about new advancements in polyurea coatings and they are currently putting the technology to good use.

Chimney seals, in the form of a cartridge, cold spray applied polyurea, are used for sealing manhole chimney interiors with little effort, little cost and little time.

Why:  The benefits are plentiful.
1.  No digging.
2.  Lift the lid and spray from outside the manhole, safer.
3.  Labor and material costs along with shear time of application are driven down.

How:  For best results, they used a quick-spray cartridge system.  These are great in that they only require a small air compressor to convey the material –  unlike conventional polyurea coatings that require more technical, expensive equipment and must be applied with heat.  A quick-spray polyurea cartridge yields the reaction speed of a heated polyurea without the heat.  This allows for the material to be used as a coating on concrete surfaces and others that have endured proper prep.  So, with a plural component, pneumatic cartridge gun, small air compressor and spray nozzle, the process can be simplified for even the “greenest” of installers.  Preventive maintenance can be the answer to solving the problems all infrastructure is bound to face.

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